A Weeping Church

June 26, 2015

  I’m not much of a crier; you can ask my wife. I do a good job keeping the tears back. But today seems to be a day where tears won’t be shed in vain. It seems that what our world needs are the tears of the church.

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The Discouragement of Preaching

June 10, 2015

There aren’t a few people who can walk away from a sermon feeling greatly discouraged. It is, perhaps, a complaint that many ministers have heard in the course of their ministries. Now we certainly don’t advocate discouragement for discouragement’s sake. But there is a┬ámerciful discouragement. I think we’d all do well to think about the […]

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Why Does the Church Exist?

April 20, 2015

  We live in a day and age of dysfunctional ecclesiology.

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Why I Changed My Mind: Calvinism

April 8, 2015

Life is filled with choices and changes. I am far different than I ever thought I would be. And I have come, in many ways, very far from where I started. My theological journey has not been a static one. I was born into a Lutheran church, raised in a broad evangelical church, and I […]

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Jesus Loving Judas

February 24, 2015

In stories, antagonists have a way of driving the plot line forward in an emotional and often startling way. And typically when it comes to antagonists, we have a subtle joy in their destruction. It’s difficult not to get a bit joyful when the Third Age of Middle Earth closes with the final defeat of […]

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General Revelation

February 17, 2015

This lengthy quote by Herman Bavinck is a fantastic explanation of the importance of general revelation from a Reformed perspective. Finally, the rich significance of general revelation comes out in the fact that it keeps nature and grace, creation and re-creation, the world of reality and the world of values, inseparably connected. Without general revelation, […]

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The Reviving Law

February 4, 2015

Good quote by Calvin on how to understand David’s extolling of God’s law and Paul’s speaking of the death the law brings: It is certain, that if the Spirit of Christ does not quicken the law, the law is not only unprofitable, but also deadly to its disciples. Without Christ there is in the law […]

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Parental Discretion is Advised

November 26, 2014

Are Parents Blind? A number of years ago I spoke with a man about the deplorable state of many youth in America. This man went on for quite some time depreciating parents whose children were callously living in multiple vices. I remember clearly one statement he said: “Are these parents too blind to see how […]

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