Educating The Church


Worship is the single greatest thing we can do; it is why we were created and it is why we are saved. Providence puts a great emphasis on the public worship of God, where God’s people congregate to worship him in Spirit and in truth.


We are committed to teaching the Bible to both young and old. We focus on understanding how God has revealed himself and what he requires of us as he has disclosed himself to us from Genesis to Revelation.


We are committed to teaching the theology that flows from the Bible and gives a coherent and unified message to the church. We focus on past and present theological issues, grounding our theology in the Bible and the historic-orthodox position of confessional Christianity.


We are committed to teaching the doctrines of the Westminster Standards. We focus on these clear Biblical doctrines as the most cogent summarization of what the Bible teaches. Therefore, we make use of the doctrinal statements of the Confession and the catechisms’ questions and answers.


We are committed to teaching the history of God’s works spanning from the dawn of creation and continuing until the consummation. God’s providential hand has guided, nurtured, and protected his church in many ways, and so we focus on his wondrous works and deeds he has displayed among the sons of men.

What do we offer by way of education?

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages every Sunday from 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM. In addition, every other Wednesday night we have Fellowship Group which focuses on discussing the previous Sunday’s sermon and a time for prayer. All classes are taught by either elders of the church or those the elders have approved. We welcome you to come and join us!